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This is my 2.0 Laser Capri

This is my 2.0 Laser Capri. This was a 50 quid wreck that I picked up from Gloucester and bought in November 2003. The front wings and bonnet were eaten by tin worm. Despite this I put it through an MOT and all it needed was a new exhaust, windscreen wiper blades and a couple of bulbs. My wife drove the car to the shows in 2004 with no trouble. After the show season had finished, my wife handed the car to me as a replacement to my white Cossie style Capri. Shortly after Christmas 2004, the Capri was moved to my mate's garage, where two of the club members helped me strip the car.

The first things to go were the wings and bonnet.


 The decision was made that the engine had to go, again, big thanks to my wife for the engine that I stole from her beloved Granada. 


I decided to give Neil at Caprisport a ring to ask for some technical advice and some help but to no avail. Next I sourced all the parts that I would need.  After I had found all the parts.  So we decided to start the conversion by ourselves. 

After looking at Caprisport's conversion we decided that we would move the battery to the boot and mount the air filters in a different way, therefore keeping the structural strength of the inner wings. 

With this decided, the new cross member and power rack was installed.  The cross member had to be modified along with the chassis rails, which needed extra holes.   

 With the wings and the bonnet gone it was time to get the rust out  the engine bay, two top plates added for more structural strength


Soon it was time to drop the engine in with a type 9 gearbox.

After this, it was time to source a radiator.  Once again, do I go with a Sierra radiator and cut more strength from the car, or do I find a different radiator.  The solution in the end was to go with a modified deep headed 3.0 radiator.

It made it onto the road for ford fair 2005 and one or two more shows this year


The Capri has gone to be painted at Chris porter in Cirencester at the end of March 2006, more to come keep looking at this page.................









The interior and ice build



Engine work